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Episode 26: Personality Tests Part 1 - Enneagram

We had so much fun with tests last episode, Emilie decided to hone into her love of psychology and ask the sisters to take personality tests. With only 4 1/2 years between Emilie and Meghan, and the similar conditions growing up, it's fascinating to see the similarities and differences the sisters' tests showcase.

You can compare out charts in the picture above and a more detailed look is below. These are the results of the enneagram test taken on Truity We took the test on the Truity site but preferred the definitions of each personality type on this site.

Emilie: Type 3 with Types 7 & 8 close behind

Annie: Type 3 with Types 9,7, & 8 close behind

Meghan: Type 9 with Types 2, 7, and 6 close behind


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